Learn About Eagle Eye Observatory in Burnet County, Texas


Canyon of the Eagles – A Calibre Resort In the Upper Highland Lakes region of the Texas Hill Country, a one-of-a-kind resort and natural park called Canyon of the Eagles can be found in Burnet County. It is named after the American Bald Eagles that nest in the area from fall through … Read more

What Are the Most Famous Forts in Texas?


There are several historical and operational military installations among the Forts of Texas. Throughout more than 200 years, numerous groups battled one another for access to or control of the territory that is now Texas. The European powers of Spain and France and the continental countries of Mexico, the United States of … Read more

The Best Zoos in Texas


Texas, known as the Lone Star State, is not only known for its rich culture. Not many people know that it is teeming with wildlife too! In fact, there are a few zoos and wildlife centers that you can visit in Texas. Whether you are an animal photographer, someone who loves animals, … Read more

Best Places to Photograph in Texas

Enchanted Rock in Texas

Texas has several photogenic features such as natural bridge caverns, grotto swimming pools, and even varied terrain of Texas. Even if there are many major cities in Texas, there are also several somewhat remote locations that are perfect for landscape photography. That is why in this article, we are going to showcase … Read more

Attend a Star Party at West Texas’ McDonald Observatory


Famed for its live music, hot temperatures, cuisine, ranching and cattle, and BBQ, Texas still has another unique and fascinating thing to offer. At night, its wide skies glimmer with light, coming from billions of distant stars from the Milky Way. Lucky for you, you can chase those twinkling heavenly bodies by … Read more

Top 10 Historic Forts in Texas

Fort Crockett

The United States of America has a remarkable military history, and it becomes apparent especially when you look at how many forts are in the American landscape. Texas is a state that is sure to give you a good time, especially if you want to look at the past and present of … Read more

History of San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

History of San Antonio Missions National Historical Park

With the joint efforts of the United States Department of Interior, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the Catholic Archdiocese of San Antonio, and the San Antonio Conservation Society, the San Antonio Missions National Historical Park was founded on the 10th of November in 1978. A designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, preserved … Read more

Top Sights to See in Austin Texas

A beautiful view of Austin, Texas

We can find different architectural marvels all around the globe. Some of these architectural masterpieces are built thousands of years ago, while others are known to be established with the help of the advanced technology we have today. While some tourist attractions are created by humans, others are known to have existed … Read more

10 of the Best Beaches in Texas

10 of the Best Beaches in Texas

Known as the Lone Star State, Texas is located on the border of the Mexican Gulf. It’s a state that boasts rich history and culture. More than the rich history, the famous Texas BBQ, and the sunny weather, it also features a chock-full of beaches that you will surely love to visit. … Read more

Top Camping Destinations in Texas


Texas is a vast state that offers lots of stunning tent camping sites or beautiful locations to park your RV. Here in the Lone Star State, you can enjoy your camping adventure to the fullest, with the distinct characteristics of each spot accentuated by striking beaches, rivers, pools, and ancient caves, making … Read more