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Texas Ghosts and Haunted Places
Most cities and all states have their share of ghost stories. Texas ghosts - or perhaps we should say Texas ghost stories - aren't hard to find. On this page, we'll chronicle some of those stories about Texas ghosts and Texas haunted places.

Texas Haunted Hotels
Want to stay in a hotel or bed and breakfast that might also be the lodging choice of spirits? Here are some of the best-known of Texas haunted hotels.

Goliad Ghosts
Goliad is an historic small town with a rich history. And one of the most tragic events in Texas history - the Goliad Massacre - occurred here. Visitors claim strange goings-on at the historic Spanish fort and Spanish mission in town.

Devil's Backbone
The Devil's Backbone is a stretch of ridge-running road in the Texas Hill Country, said to be visited by the ghosts of Confederate soldiers. This short vignette is part of our Texas Stories section.

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