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Texas Haunted Hotels
Staying in Texas Haunted Hotels
Are you a believer in things that go bump in the night? Would you like to experience something spooky on your next vacation?

Travels revolving around stays in allegedly haunted hotels or bed-and-breakfast inns have become increasingly popular recently. It's not uncommon to find television travelogues devoted to the subject, nor magazine articles or even entire books.

And Texas has its share of ghost stories that revolve around lodging establishments. Check out the allegedly haunted hotels to be found in the following cities. If you're interested in visiting one of Texas' haunted hotels, use the Texas Travel Reservations page to check room rates. And if you know of Texas haunted hotels we don't have listed, drop us a line.

Also note that our pages below include not just hotels, but also bed-and-breakfast establishments, inns, and other forms of lodging.

Find Texas Haunted Hotels In ...
" Austin
" El Paso
" Fort Worth
" Jefferson
" San Antonio

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