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San Antonio Haunted Hotels
Staying in San Antonio Haunted Hotels
Here are some of the San Antonio haunted hotels reputed to have ghosts as permanent guests. Check the Texas Travel Reservations page to search for room rates.

Visitors to San Antonio might think it's difficult to find a hotel downtown that does not have a haunting legend. There are stories told about many of the older downtown hotels in the Alamo City.

And, of course, anyone staying close to the Alamo itself might catch a glimpse of a ghoul around that Shrine of Texas Liberty. At least, if you believe the stories.

And believers in ghost stories will tell you that San Antonio is the "most haunted" city in Texas.

Here are four of the best-known "haunted hotels" in San Antonio:

Menger Hotel
204 Alamo Plaza, 78205
The historic Menger Hotel is located adjacent to the Alamo in the heart of downtown. And it has a ghostly reputation as one of the most-haunted hotels in the world.

The Menger opened in 1859 and has hosted many luminaries over the years, including U.S. presidents Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt, William Howard Taft, William McKinley, Dwight Eisenhower and Richard Nixon. Other guests have included Buffalo Bill, Beverly Sills, Oscar Wilde and Roy Rogers. The American Indian leader Geronimo was briefly imprisoned in the hotel's basement.

A military figure sometimes reported in the Menger's bar is thought to be Teddy Roosevelt, who recruited many of his "Rough Riders" while staying at the Menger. An impressive figure in old Western finery is believed to be Richard King, founder of the famous King Ranch. King spent his final months in the hotel after becoming ill during a stay, and died in what is now known as the King Ranch Room. Even a figure thought by some to be Geronimo has been reported.

There are many alleged spirits reportedly stalking the Menger, but the one most commonly reported is the ghost of Sallie White, a chambermaid murdered in 1876.

Reports of mysterious footsteps and sounds and things being moved by unseen hands are too numerous to get into. Suffice it to say, the Menger is the ghosthunter's first choice in San Antonio.

Emily Morgan Hotel
705 E. Houston Street, 78205
If the Menger is the first choice of ghosthunters in San Antonio, then the Emily Morgan might be a close second.

The Emily Morgan is an impressive hotel, a Gothic Revival edifice that overlooks the Alamo and its courtyard. Which is one way to spot a ghost at the Emily Morgan - some guests have claimed they saw spirits roaming the Alamo courtyard.

The basement of the Emily Morgan was once used as the city's Medical Arts Building (it was built by John Nix, who went on to found several hospitals in San Antonio) and alleged spirit activity is strong in the basement.

Those hoping for something supernatural might want to request a room on the 7th floor, where there have been many reports over the years of apparitions, temperature anomolies and unexplained noises.

Sheraton Gunter Hotel
205 E. Houston Street, 78205
The Gunter Hotel has been a part of San Antonio since 1909. The corner on which the Gunter is located was previously home to another hotel, which opened way back in 1837. Will Rogers, Mae West, John Wayne and President Harry Truman are among its guests over the years.

But some say the Gunter has other guests, spirits who roam its halls. The alleged spirit activity is believed to be centered on Room 636, where, according to legend, a man murdered a woman in 1965. The story is pretty gruesome, involving a butcher knife and a meat grinder, so we won't get into it. The murdered woman is sometimes seen around Room 636, and an elderly woman has also been reported in other parts of the hotel.

The St. Anthony - Wyndham Historic Hotel
300 E. Travis, 78205
The St. Anthony opened in 1909, a luxurious hotel in the heart of downtown that has been lavishly restored. The hotel features a grand ballroom and French Empire antiques along with all the modern conveniences - and extravagances.

Spirits dressed for a ball have been reported in the Anacacho Ballroom, along with strange noises emanating from the grand room. A rooftop garden is reportedly the favorite haunt of several children spirits.

There are many reports of apparitions seen throughout the hotel, of disembodied voices and footsteps from unseen sources. Even a ride in the elevators at the St. Anthony can allegedly produce an encounter with the otherworldly. Both a woman clad in red and a tall man in a tophat have been reported to materialize - and then disappear - in the hotel's elevators.

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