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Fort Worth Haunted Hotels
Staying in Fort Worth Haunted Hotels
Here are some of the Fort Worth haunted hotels reputed to have ghosts as permanent guests. Check the Texas Travel Reservations page to search for room rates.

Miss Molly's Hotel Bed and Breakfast
109 1/2 W. Exchange Ave., 76106
Miss Molly's is an historic, 8-room hotel operating in the bed-and-breakfast tradition. It's in the Stockyards section of Fort Worth, on the second floor of a building originally constructed in 1910. The inn features shutters, lace curtains, iron beds, antique quilts and oak furniture in every room.

The building, which transformed from a boarding house into a bordello in its pre-B&B days, is alleged to host a few ghosts.

As befits a former bordello, the supposed spirit visitors at Miss Molly's are often reported to be attractive young women who materialize at the foot of guests' beds. The Cowboy's and Cattlemen's rooms are said to be the places to stay to have the best chance of encountering something supernatural.

Texas White House Bed and Breakfast
1417 Eighth Ave., 76104
Tough to find any specifics about spirit activity allegedly going on at Texas White House B&B - but many sources claim there is such activity. A general description seems to revolve around guests getting the creepy feeling that there is a "ghostly presence" in their room.

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