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El Paso Haunted Hotels
Staying in El Paso Haunted Hotels
Here are some of the El Paso haunted hotels reputed to have ghosts as permanent guests. Check the Texas Travel Reservations page to search for room rates.

Camino Real Hotel
101 S. El Paso Street, 79901
The Camino Real is an elegant, opulent hotel, founded in 1912, in downtown El Paso that boasts what the hotel claims is the most-photographed grand staircase in the Southwest.

According to the book "Haunted Texas Vacations," the Camino Real is home to a mournful spirit that is seen most often by security and cleaning staff in the hotel's basement.

The alleged spirit is a woman in a white gown.

La Hacienda Airport Travelodge
6400 Montana Ave., 79925
This hotel in the Mexican hacienda style is just a half-mile from the El Paso airport.

The hotel features a bar, Las Trancas Lounge, where a catch-me-if-you-can ghost is alleged to show up from time to time. This spirit, so the story goes, is a playful female who patrons sometimes catch a glimpse of in their peripheral vision. If the bar-goer happens to turn quickly enough to look straight at the spirit, she laughs and disappears.

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