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Austin Haunted Hotels
Staying in Austin Haunted Hotels
Here are some of the Austin haunted hotels reputed to have ghosts as permanent guests. Check the Texas Travel Reservations page to search for room rates.

The Driskill
604 Brazos Street, 78704
The Driskill is located just a short walk from the Texas Capitol Building. The opulent hotel was the brainchild of cattle baron Col. Jesse Driskill and opened in 1886.

After decades on the downslide, The Driskill was restored to its former glory and is now known as a haven for luxury travelers.

It may also be a haven for spirts. In fact, those who don't believe San Antonio's Menger Hotel is the most haunted lodging in Texas probably believe that The Driskill is. Col. Driskill himself is said to visit rooms on the top floor, turning on lights and smoking cigars. The grand staircase is said to be a favorite play area for a giggling little girl.

Many visitors have reported seeing a man checking his watch as they get off an elevator ... only to turn around and find no man there. The elevators at The Driskill seem to be the center of the alleged hauntings.

Inn at Pearl Street
809 W. Martin Luther King Blvd., 78701
The Inn at Pearl Street is a bed-and-breakfast establishment in a Greek Revival style home close to the University of Texas. It's known as one of the most romantic B&Bs in Austin. Maybe ghosts like romance, too?

The Inn underwent a renovation, during which time there was no electrical power. That didn't stop lights from flashing on and off, according to reports.

A long-ago owner of the home, Stella Snider, is thought to be one of the apparitions that has been reported. Some have claimed to see a woman carrying a child out of one guest room into another, while others have allegedly seen the same woman rocking a child in a rocking chair.

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