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Texas Weather
Looking for Texas weather reports? We've got some information on-site, and we can tell you where to find more information off-site.

Texas weather is notorious for its ability to change quickly. The old saying is, "If you don't like the weather in Texas, wait five minutes." Conditions in winter can range from snowfall in North Texas, West Texas and the Panhandle (sometimes blizzards in the Panhandle) to mild in the Rio Grande Valley; East Texas gets plenty of rain; El Paso has more days of sunshine than any other city in America; and it's hot everywhere during the summer. Texas is also known for its winds, which blow strong over most parts of the state. The coastline is sometimes menaced by hurricanes, and tornadoes are common in North Texas and the Panhandle.

Current weather information and historical climate data - average month-by-month highs and lows and precipitation - are available here on All Info About Texas Travel for the following cities:

" Austin
" Corpus Christi
" Dallas-Fort Worth
" El Paso
" Houston
" San Antonio

If you're looking for weather reports from other Texas cities, here are a selection of links to off-site weather reports (these sites will open in a new window):

" Amarillo
" Abilene
" Beaumont
" Brownsville/Valley
" Laredo
" Lubbock
" Midland
" San Angelo
" Tyler
" Victoria
" Waco
" Wichita Falls

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