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Texas Tidbits
Some interesting factoids about Texas:

Six Flags of Texas: The "six flags" refers to the flags of six different countries under whose aegis Texas has existed. The order of changes in sovereignty over Texas is as follows: Spain, 1519-1685; France, 1685-1690; Spain, 1690-1821; Mexico, 1821-1836; Republic of Texas, 1836-1845; United States, 1845-1861; Confederate States, 1861-1865; United States, 1865-present.

Republic of Texas: Texas is the only U.S. state that was once an independent nation. After winning independence from Mexico in 1836, the Republic of Texas was in existence through 1845.

Entered the Union: Dec. 29, 1845

State Capital: Austin

State Motto: "Friendship" - Texas gets its name from a Caddo Indian word meaning "friends" or "allies" that early Spanish settlers pronounced as "Tejas."

Nickname: Lone Star State (because of the single large star on the state flag)

Number of counties: 254

Number of cities: Approximately 1,200 incorporated cities

Size, in total square miles: 267,277

Geographic center: Approximately 15 miles northeast of Brady in northern part of McCulloch County

Highest point: Guadalupe Peak, 8,749 feet

Waterways: There are 80,000 miles of rivers and streams in Texas

Lakes: There are 191 lakes total in Texas, and none of them are natural lakes. One of them - Caddo Lake - was the only natural lake in the state until it, too, was dammed in the early 20th Century. Every other lake was created through damming or other artificial means.

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