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Texas State Symbols
Many of the Texas state symbols are very well known, some of them even outside of Texas. For example:

" State Flower: Bluebonnet
" State Tree: Pecan
" State Song: "Texas, Our Texas"
" State Nickname: "Lone Star State"
" State Motto: "Friendship"

But other Texas state symbols are less well-known.

Texans like to do things big. That means we have officially designated everything from a state dinosaur to a state shrub. Here are some more Texas state symbols declared by the Texas Legislature:

horny toad
The Texas horned lizard, a k a the horny toad.
" State Bird: Mockingbird
" Bread: Pan de campo
" Pastries: Sopapilla and streudel
" Dinosaur: Brachiosaur Sauropod
" Dish: Chili
" Pepper: Jalapeno
" Native Pepper: Chiltepin
" Air Force: Commemorative Air Force
" Fiber and Fabric: Cotton
" Fish: Guadalupe bass
" Seashell: Lightning whelk (interesting note: most shells open on the right side; the lightning whelk opens on the left)
" Folk Dance: Square dance
" Fruit: Texas red grapefruit
" Gem: Texas blue topaz
" Precious metal: Silver
" Small Mammal: Armadillo
" Large Mammal: Longhorn
" Flying Mammal: Mexican free-tailed bat
" Grass: Sideoats grama
" Insect: Monarch butterfly
" Musical Instrument: Guitar
" Plant: Prickly pear cactus
" Reptile: Texas horned lizard (more commonly known by Texans as the "horny toad")
" Ship: The battleship "Texas"
" Shrub: Crape myrtle
" Native shrub: Texas purple sage
" Snack: Tortilla chips and salsa
" Sport: Rodeo
" Stone: Petrified palmwood
" Vegetable: Texas sweet onion
" Soil: Houston black
" Cooking implement: Cast-iron Dutch oven
" Dog breed: Blue lacy
" Footwear: Cowboy boots
" Tie: Bolo tie

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