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Texas Facts & Figures
This is where we'll be indexing general information about the state of Texas, such as the driving miles between major Texas cities, weather data for various cities across the states, the list of official state symbols and much more.

Texas State Symbols
All Texans - and many people outside the state - know what our state flower is, our state song, our state motto. But do you know what the Texas state pastry is? How the Texas state grass or cooking implement? Check out this list of Texas state symbols to see the well-known and obscure.

Texas Driving Miles
How far is it between major points in the state? Know before you go - it's a big state after all. Check out these Texas driving miles charts.

Texas Maps
From this page you can view maps of major Texas cities, or you can order road maps for the places to which you'll be traveling.

Texas Weather
Here's a look around the state at current and historical weather data.

Texas Tidbits
Check out these interesting factoids - we call them Texas Tidbits - about our state.

Texas Lottery
Find information about the Texas Lottery, one of the largest state lotteries in the U.S.

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