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Port Aransas
Over the years, Port Aransas has transformed from sleepy fishing village to popular tourist destination. A small town that sits on Mustang Island, Port Aransas offers terrific beaches and serves as an excellent starting point for deep-sea fishing trips into the Gulf of Mexico.

Fishing is the industry that, along with tourism, drives the town. Fishing guides for all types of fishing - deep sea, surf and jetty, or boat fishing in any of the numerous bays and fishing holes along the coastal areas - are easy to find. Port Aransas is also known for its great birding.

Condominiums that line the beaches, or condos and hotels in nearby Corpus Christi, are popular places to stay, and Port Aransas - or Port A as the locals say - has its share of bed-and-breakfast establishments. The Tarpon Inn is a historic inn that once hosted President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Nearby Mustang Island State Park is well worth exploring. Also convenient are Padre Island National Seashore and Aransas Wildlife Refuge. As visitors enter town via causeway from Corpus Christi, they'll find dozens of souvenir shops selling t-shirts, trinkets, shells, baubles and beads.

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Getting to Port Aransas
Air travelers can reach Port Aransas by flying into Corpus Christi International Airport.

Port Aransas is accessed by road via Corpus Christi by one of two routes. Drivers can take Highway 361 through Mustang Island State Park and along the barrier island, or they can head the opposite direction, traveling around Corpus Christi Bay to Aransas Pass and taking a ferry across to the island. Ferry service is free and runs 24 hours.

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