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The greater McAllen area - an area of deep South Texas and the Lower Rio Grande Valley - is one of the fastest-growing areas in the U.S.

The area's climate makes it a draw for "winter Texans," travelers from the northern U.S. and Canada who often spend the full summer in South Texas. The many golf courses in the area are packed throughout the summer months as winter Texans get in their rounds before heading home.

McAllen sits in the middle of one of the best birding spots in the world, and the city is mere minutes away from the World Birding Center. The Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State park, just to the west of McAllen, is the park's headquarters. There are many great birding spots right in town, too, to which the locals (or the Chamber of Commerce) can points visitors.

Santa Ana National Wildlife Refuge, about 15 miles away near the smaller city of Alamo, is another popular outdoor destination.

And, of course, there's Mexico. Visitors to McAllen can make the very short drive to Reynosa, Mexico, for day trips, shopping, or just for dinner. Those who enjoy such spectacles might even be able to take in a bullfight.

McAllen Attractions
" McAllen golf courses

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Getting to McAllen
McAllen sits in the far southern extreme of Texas, just a few miles from the Rio Grande River and the Mexico border. U.S. Highway 83 is the main east-west road through town and connects drivers to Harlingen to the east and Mission to the west. U.S. Highway 281 takes drivers north to Edinburgh or south to Hidalgo and the Mexico border.

McAllen-Miller International Airport provides air service into the greater McAllen area. Non-stop flights are available daily to Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and Mexico City. The airport is served by American Airlines and Continental Airlines.

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