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Laredo was first established in the mid-18th century. Sitting on the Rio Grande River, it is part of what is known in the area as "Los Dos Laredos" - the two Laredos. That's because just across the border is Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Laredo is Texas' most active crossing point between the U.S. and Mexico, as visitors travel from the Rio Grande Valley, and from or through Corpus Christi and San Antonio, for cross-border excursions.

Day trips, and longer, into Mexico might be the main drawing card for Laredo - you can park in downtown Laredo and walk to the tourist district in Nuevo Laredo - but the city of Laredo offers several attractions of note for visitors.

The San Augustin Cathedral was built in 1767 and is a featured stop on the Webb County Heritage Trolley Tour. Fort McIntosh is a former U.S. Army fort established in 1848 in the aftermath of the Mexican War.

Laredo has both a minor-league hockey team and a professional soccer team. And every year in February, a 16-day-long Fiesta is celebrated in both Laredo and Nuevo Laredo.

Birding is strong in the Laredo area, and the city offers an import shopping district, plus bargain shopping across the border.

Laredo Attractions
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Getting to Laredo
Laredo is about 120 miles almost due west of Corpus Christi, about 150 miles southwest of San Antonio. Interstate 35 is the most-trafficked road heading into Laredo. It enters from the north if you're coming from San Antonio. U.S. Highway 59 enters Laredo from the east and is used by drivers heading west from Corpus Christi and Victoria. U.S. Highway 83 descends from West Texas and Big Bend Country to the north of Laredo and joins I-35 just north of town.

Continental and American Eagle offer service to Laredo International Airport.

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