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Look at Killeen on the map (link below) and you'll see a city of nearly 100,000 residents that is completely dwarfed by the military installation next door. That's because Fort Hood, home of the U.S. Army's III Corps, 1st Cavalry and 4th Infantry Division, is the largest military base in the free world, covering 340 square miles.

As you might imagine, daily life in Killeen is driven by and revolves around Fort Hood. Killeen's airport has been visited by both Air Force One and the Space Shuttle. Troop arrivals and departures keep the city humming.

Visitors have access to parts of Fort Hood, including two museums: The 1st Cavalry Division Museum covers more than 150 years of this famous division's history; and the 4th Infantry Division Museum includes displays of past and present military vehicles and fighting machines.

The Belton Lake Outdoor Recreation Area is located on Fort Hood, but is open to civilians. It includes water slides, paddle boats, horseback rides and swimming areas.

Belton Lake and Stillhouse Hollow are two manmade lakes, Belton to the northeast of Killeen and Sillhouse to the southeast. Public parks along Stillhouse's rocky shore offer camping and fishing areas, as well as boat launches. There are 13 public parks around Belton Lake that offer the same.

Killeen Attractions
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Getting to Killeen
Killeen is in Central Texas, north of Austin. Interstate 35 runs north-south to the east of Killeen. Visitors turn off of I-35 in Belton, then take Highway 190 west to Killeen. U.S. 190 will also get you to Killeen traveling east from Copperas Cove, cutting through Fort Hood.

The Killeen-Fort Hood Regional Airport is available for those flying into the area. The airport is served by American Eagle and Continental Express. Killeen is about 70 miles from Austin, so flying into the Austin airport is also an option for fliers who prefer other airlines or find a great deal.

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