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The city of Bryan is rarely spoken of alone; it's usually mentioned in tandem with College Station. The two cities adjoin one another, cities that are side-by-side and have grown up together over the years.

Bryan is a significant location in Texas history. This is where colonists following Stephen F. Austin settled in the early 1820s.

Popular tourist stops in Bryan include the Brazos Valley Historical Museum and the Children's Museum of the Brazos Valley. The Carnegie Center of Brazos Valley History in Bryan is housed in the restored Carnegie Library.

The centerpiece of life in Bryan-College Station, however, is Texas A&M University. The university's athletic teams are followed with fanaticism in these parts, especially the football team. Athletic events on campus are frequent and visitors can usually find a game of some sort to attend.

The university is home to the area's airport, and features several museums and a horticultural center open to the public. One of the newest features at Texas A&M is the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum, which collects personal and official papers and memorabilia from the life of President George H.W. Bush.

The area all around Bryan and College Station is criss-crossed by streams and creeks and wooded parks, making fishing, hunting and camping popular activities.

Bryan Attractions
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Getting to Bryan
Bryan is in near east Texas, northwest of Houston and northeast of Austin (about 2 hours from each). Road access to the area is mostly via Texas Highways, including TX6 (NW-SE direction), TX21 (NE-SW direction) and TX30 (SE).

The airport serving the area is Easterwood Airport, which is part of Texas A&M University. Easterwood is served by American Eagle and Continental Connection. American connects through Dallas-Fort Worth and Continental through Houston.

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