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Canyons, cowboys and Cadillacs. Those are the things for which Amarillo is best-known. Oh, and big steaks and flat lands.

Well, the land is mostly flat in the Texas Panhandle. But in fact, one of the largest canyons in the U.S. not named "Grand Canyon" splits open the prairie south of Amarillo. Palo Duro Canyon State Park shows off the magnificent natural setting. Hiking and camping are popular activities in Palo Duro Canyon, or just visit to drive the scenic loop and stop for a picnic.

The area around Amarillo is dotted by large cattle ranches, and cowboys (and wannabe-cowboys) aren't hard to spot in town. The city's many western-wear shops are popular stops for tour groups visiting local ranches.

Cadillac Ranch, however, isn't one of those ranches. It's actually just a spot in a field where multiple old Cadillacs stick up out of the ground, their noses buried. It's an odd sight and a popular place for photos.

Historic Route 66 passes through Amarillo and many antique shops, boutiques and eateries have sprung up along the old Chicago-to-Los Angeles route as it passes through town.

And those big steaks? Visit the Big Texas steakhouse and finish off a 72-oz. steak with all the trimmings in under an hour, and it's free.

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Getting to Amarillo
Amarillo is located in the Texas Panhandle, about two hours north of Lubbock on I-27, and is also situated on I-40 (the old Route 66), a major east-west interstate. Amarillo is closer to Alburquerqe, N.M., than it is to Austin, and almost as close to Denver as it is to Dallas.

The Rick Husband Amarillo International Airport is served by several airlines.

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