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Red Men Museum and Library
Texas Attractions: Red Men Museum and Library

City: Waco

Address: 4521 Speight Avenue, 76711

Phone: 254-756-1221

Website: www.redmen.org

About the Red Men Museum and Library:
"Red Men" is shorthand for the Improved Order of Red Men Fraternal Organization, and this is their national museum. The Red Men Museum and Library houses an eclectic collection of historical documents and artifacts, fulfilling its mission as "an American historical reference museum and research library."

How eclectic? Items on display or available to researchers include a writing desk that belonged to Aaron Burr; a bugle recovered from the battlefield at Gettysburg; a ring that belonged to silent film star Rudolph Valentino; a peace blanket that belonged to the Apache warrior Geronimo; presidential papers; and the entire Nuremberg War Criminal Trials and Warren Commission reports.

The library of the Red Men Museum and Library has numerous volumes and documents dealing with Texas history, the Civil War and World War II, but also offers much that can be described as eclectic (such as a complete collection of National Geographic magazines dating to 1888).

The Red Men Museum and Library is open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.-4:30 p.m., and also on weekends but by appointment only. The museum is closed most national holidays. Admission is free.

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