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Homestead Heritage
Texas Attractions: Homestead Heritage

City: Elm Mott (Waco)

Location: Halbert Lane, near the junction of FM 308 and FM 933, five miles west of I-35

Phone: 254-754-9600

Website: www.homesteadheritage.com

About Homestead Heritage:
Heritage Homestead is an interesting collection of buildings, craftsmen, tradesmen, and period pieces that combines elements of a living history museum or learning center with good ol' fashioned business.

There are nine buildings spread over the 510-acre homesteading community. These include a 200-year-old restored barn and a circa 1750 grist mill that still grinds fresh whole wheat flour and corn daily. One of the buildings, Heritage Farm, is a working homestead that demonstrates the possibility of deriving a familys food needs from a small farm. It also serves as a teaching and research facility.

A walking tour of the buildings doesn't just present a view of the homesteaders' way of life - such as blacksmithing - but also the opportunity to shop for handcrafted furniture, wrought iron, pottery and more. There is also a visitors center that includes the Homestead Farms Deli.

Homestead Heritage is open Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.

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