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Cameron Park
Texas Attractions: Cameron Park

City: Waco

Location: Alongside the Brazos River, accessible from numerous points off of University Parks Dr., Cameron Park Dr., Herring Ave., and other streets.

Phone: 254-750-5980

Website: Click here

About Cameron Park:
At 416 acres in size, Cameron Park is one of the largest city parks in Texas. It certainly is a showcase site for the City of Waco, whose Cameron Park Zoo is located inside.

Cameron Park is located on the banks of the Brazos River (part of the park, known as Cameron Park East, also abuts the Bosque River, before the Bosque joins with the Brazos). Large parts of Cameron Park are covered with lush vegatation; other parts are open to accomodate sports fields (including a disc golf course), children's playgrounds and other gathering spots.

Limestone cliffs, formed by the Balcones Fault, overlook the Brazos and afford great views of the park's river bottomlands, gullies and dense foliage. Nature trails, foot paths, and mountain bike trails wind through the trees. Docks along the river allow kayakers and canoers to easily put into and out of the river.

Other areas around Cameron Park carry such names as Miss Nellie's Pretty Place, Proctor Springs, Redwood Shelter and Rankin Hill.

Cameron Park is open 6 a.m. to midnight daily.

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