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Southfork Ranch
Texas Attractions: Southfork Ranch

City: Parker

Address: 3700 Hogge Road, Parker, TX 75002

Phone: 972-442-7800

Website: www.southfork.com

About SouthFork Ranch:
That's right, it's the Southfork, the home of the Ewing clan from TV's "Dallas": J.R., Sue Ellen, Bobby and the rest. Now, Southfork is an event and conference center, but it's also open for tours to fans of the television show.

The sprawling ranch home is located in Parker, about 45 minutes from Grand Prairie. Several hundred thousand visitors a year make the trek to view the ranch and its famous house, and Southfork also hosts numerous special events throughout the year.

Southfork is open daily, yearround, for ranch tours. Visitors will see memorabilia from the TV show, visit the Ewing Museum and see real, live Texas Longhorns. The Chuckwagon Dinner Program is a popular option.

Hours at Southfork at 9 a.m.-5 p.m. Tours depart the Visitors Center every 30-45 minutes and run throughout the day. The ranch is closed only on Christmas and Thanksgiving days. Admission is charged.

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