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National Scientific Balloon Facility
Texas Attractions: National Scientific Balloon Facility

City: Palestine

Address: n/a

Phone: 903-729-0271

Website: Click here

About the National Scientific Balloon Base:
The National Scientific Balloon Base is a NASA-run facility outside Palestine where balloons carrying sensitive scientific data are launched into the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere.

These are the "weather balloons" that are often blamed for UFO sightnings, and there's no doubt that sightings of these balloons - which often have a shiny, metallic surface appearance and can be as large as 300 feet in diameter, while moving erratically as they are buffetted by winds - do generate a significant percentage of UFO reports.

The National Scientific Balloon Base in Palestine has been at this location since 1963, and this base usually launches 25 to 35 balloons a year. The launch window in Palestine is from May through September, with most launches taking place from June to August to take advantage of prevailing winds that carry the balloons away from heavily populated areas.

Directions to the facility are available by calling the base's public relations officer at the number listed above. While the National Scientific Balloon Base does not want tourists just dropping by, tours are available to those making arrangements by calling the base.

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