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Globe of the Great Southwest
Texas Attractions: Globe of the Great Southwest

City: Odessa

Address: 2308 Shakespeare Road, Odessa Texas

Phone: 432-580-3177

Website: www.globesw.org

About the Globe of the Great Southwest:
Shakespeare in West Texas? You better believe it.

The Globe of the Great Southwest is a replica of London's Globe Theater, which was built in 1598 and where Shakespeare's acting company performed his plays.

Odessa's Globe of the Great Southwest began hosting plays in 1968, and continues to offer productions of Shakespearean and other plays throughout the year, as well as hosting the annual Shakespeare festival in late August and early September.

The Globe of the Great Southwest is octagonal, constructed primarily of wood and plaster, and boasts near perfect acoustics. It seats 418 with a stage that is 1,800 square feet in size. The interior features rich British red carpeting and upholstered seats and warm London dock lanterns.

Plays and Shakespeare aren't the only things on offer at the Globe; national road shows and musical concerts also take the stage.

The Globe of the Great Southwest is located on the campus of Odessa College. Check the Web site for information about current shows.

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