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Oak Grove Cemetery
Texas Attractions: Oak Grove Cemetery

City: Nacogdoches

Address: See below

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About the Oak Grove Cemetery:
Oak Grove Cemetery in Nacogdoches is one of the most famous in the state because of the plethora of important Texas pioneers and heroes who are buried there.

The cemetery is located off Lanana Street, between the intersections with Hospital Street and Price Street. Walking through the iron gate is like walking back into the time of Texas wars of independence and the Republic of Texas.

Four signers of the Texas Declaration of Indepence are buried at Oak Grove Cemetery: Heyden Edwards, who led the Fredonia Rebellion, an early attempt at independence; London-born Charles S. Taylor; John S. Roberts, one of the leaders of the Battle of Nacogdoches and longtime owner of the Old Stone Fort in Nacogdoches; and William S. Clark, whose ornate grave marker is known as the "Angel Marker."

Perhaps the most famous "resident" of Oak Grove Cemetery is Thomas J. Rusk, first Secretary of War of the Republic of Texas and later a United States Senator. The East Texas town of Rusk is named after him.

A brochure available from the Nacogdoches Visitors Center provides information on nearly 20 famous Texans buried at the Oak Grove Cemetery, along with a map pointing out the locations of their graves.

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