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Prairie Dog Town
Texas Attractions: Prairie Dog Town

City: Lubbock

Location: Inside Mackenzie Park

Phone: 806-775-2687 (Lubbock Parks and Recreation Department)

Website: Click here

About the Lubbock Prairie Dog Town:
Lubbock's Prairie Dog Town isn't the only one in Texas (or around Lubbock, for that matter), but it is easily the best-known. Located inside Mackenzie Park off of Interstate 27 and 4th Street, Lubbock's Prairie Dog Town usually ranks as one of the Top 5 most-visited attractions in the city.

Prairie Dog Town covers a relatively small swath of land overlooking the Meadowbrook Golf Course. Actually, it sometimes covers more land because those cute, adorable prairie dogs have a knack for burrowing under the park road that passes by Prairie Dog Town and popping up on the other side.

Prairie Dog Town includes a pavilion, viewing area and interprative signage. The area is open dawn to dusk daily with no admission fee. Visitors can stay as long as they want, watching the prairie dogs scamper about.

A few hints: the prairie dogs are more active on mild days; very cold or very hot weather will keep the critters inside their burrows for longer periods of time. Although visitors can walk very close to the prairie dog habitat, a set of binoculars will come in handy for close-up viewing.

Also, keep in mind that while humans view the prairie dogs of Prairie Dog Town as cute and cuddly critters, local hawks view them as breakfast, lunch and dinner. And sometimes, they swoop in right before visitors' eyes and catch, kill and start devouring their prey. Hopefully you won't witness such a sight. But just in case, if you are visiting Prairie Dog Town with young children be prepared to divert their attention away from a hawk attack to spare them the sight.

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