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Mackenzie Park
Texas Attractions: Mackenzie Park

City: Lubbock

Address: 301 Interstate 27

Phone: 806-775-2687

Website: www.playinlubbock.com

About Mackenzie Park:
Lubbock is a city of the flatland plains. The folks around here like to tell "Lubbock is so flat" jokes, such as, "Lubbock is so flat, if you want to see Colorado drive to the edge of town and stand on a coffee can."

Mackenzie Park is certainly the exception to that rule. Covering 248 acres inside Yellow House Canyon, Mackenzie Park offers the sort of rolling terrain and elevation changes not scene in other parts of Lubbock.

And it's a great city park. There's a 36-hole golf complex, plus a disc golf course. There are sports fields aplenty. There are equestrian trails, a sculpture garden and picnic areas. There's even a small amusement park, the Joyland Amusement Park.

More famously, Mackenzie Park is home to Prairie Dog Town, where the cuddly critters scamper about to the delight of visitors young and old. And the park is also home to the American Wind Power Center, which has a huge collection of historic windmills.

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