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Texas Stadium
Texas Attractions: Texas Stadium

City: Irving

Address: 2401 E. Airport Freeway, Irving, Texas, 75062

Phone: 972-785-4850

Website: Click here

About Texas Stadium:
Texas Stadium is a 65,000-seat sports stadium owned by the City of Irving but famous as the home of the Dallas Cowboys football team.

Texas Stadium opened in 1971 and cost $35 million to build. Even with all that money, however, the stadium was never actually completed. It was originally intended to be a domed stadium, but the money ran out near the end of construction and the roof was never finished. A "hole" in the roof still exists. Dallas Cowboys officials and players have been known to claim the "hole" is there "so God can watch is favorite team play." (Dallas Cowboys officials and players have never been known for modesty.)

The stadium is in use yearround, not just by the Cowboys but also by Dallas-Fort Worth area high school football teams, and for musical concerts and many other special events.

Visitors can take 1-hour guided tours of Texas Stadium on Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m., and Sundays 11 a.m.-3 p.m., with tours starting every hour on the hour. The exceptions are game days and during special events, when tours are not offered (so call ahead to confirm). Tours begin and end at the Dallas Cowboys Pro Shop near Gate 8. There is an admission fee.

The Cowboys will leave Texas Stadium at some point in the near future when a new stadium is completed in another part of the DFW Metroplex. What happens to Texas Stadium at that point is unclear.

texas stadium

(Photo of Texas Stadium courtesy of Irving Convention and Visitors Bureau)

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