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Granny Clare's Citrus Grove
Texas Attractions: Granny Clare's Citrus Grove

City: Harlingen

Address: 14748 Hoss Lane, Harlingen, TX 78552

Phone: 956-423-1191 or toll free 866-878-7770

Website: geocities.com/grannyclares

About Granny Clare's Citrus Grove:
Citrus groves are a common sight in the Rio Grande Valley, and Granny Clare's is one you can take a tour of. You can even sample the goods - you will find incomparable citrus of various kinds: Rio Red grapefruit, Navel and Marrs oranges, orare Mandarin limes and other varieties of limes and lemons, as available. A gift shop offers plenty more citrus-based goodies. Granny Clare's is open to visitors only seasonally, so call before going.

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