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Forever Living Aloe Plantation
Texas Attractions: Forever Living Aloe Plantation

City: Harlingen

Address: Near the Altas Palmas exit off U.S. 83

Phone: 956-425-2585

Website: n/a

About the Forever Living Aloe Plantation:
At the Forever Living Aloe Plantation they grow - you guessed it - aloe vera. The Rio Grande Valley is, in fact, considered the "aloe vera capital" of the U.S. Aloe is major ingredient in the skin-care industry (everyone who's ever had a bad sunburn knows how soothing aloe vera can be) and is being investigated for medicinal properties relating to many chronic diseases.

At the Forever Living Aloe Plantation, visitors learn about the plant's history, its applications, and how it is grown, harvested and processed. There is a visitors center and gift shop. The plantation is open Monday through Friday, 9 a.m.-4 p.m.

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