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Fort Phantom Hill
Texas Attractions: Fort Phantom Hill

City: Abilene

Location: 11 miles north of Abilene via FM 600

Phone: 325-677-1309

Website: www.fortphantom.org

About Fort Phantom Hill:
The ruins of Fort Phantom Hill are found about 11 miles north of Abilene. Fort Phantom Hill was a U.S. Army frontier fort, occupied by the army from 1851 to 1854. Today, it's part of the 650-mile-long Forts Trail in West-Central Texas.

Today the site is administered by the Fort Phantom Foundation. Their website describes the area:

"Originally known as the 'Post on the Clear Fork of the Brazos,' the fort was occupied by the U.S. Army from 1851 until 1854. Shortly after the army abandoned Fort Phantom Hill, fire destroyed most of the log walls and thatched roofs of the post's buildings. However, much remains for visitors to the old fort to explore, inspect and study, including three original stone buildings (an intact stone powder magazine, a stone guardhouse and an almost-intact commissary or warehouse), more than a dozen stone chimneys, and stone foundations from the original fort."

The Fort Phantom Hill site is open to the public at no charge, daily from dawn to dusk. This is a rustic site (no bathrooms or water). Free brochures are available, and informational signs serve to label landmarks.

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